Don’t miss our 10 Class Pack for $100. The colder weather is setting in making it so hard to leave the house and exercise, am I right?! But now, more than ever is the best time to get moving again. Regular yoga practice can help to ward off winter-related health issues.

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  • Unlimited
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  • 20 Classes
  • $12 p/class
  • Only 10 available
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Trial Pass
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  • Unlimited classes
  • Valid for 2 weeks
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  • UNLIMITED classes
  • One time payment
  • Valid for 1 month
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  • UNLIMITED classes
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  • Valid for 12 months
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 Practising 1 class or less a week

Single Class
10 Class Pack
30 Class Pack

Practising 2 or more classes a week

1 Month Unlimited
6 Month Unlimited
12 Month Unlimited


All classes are taught in a room heated to 30-34 degrees celsius. This is not hot but more gently warm. If you are new to bikram style yoga, don’t worry as the teacher’s will show you the cooler areas of the room to practice.

Most classes are 1 hour in length – all you need is a yoga mat, a bottle of water and a towel. We have complimentary cubby holes/storage available to store clothing and personal items during the class.

Please arrive with a minimum of 5 minutes before the class begins. If you would like a good spot we recommend getting here early!

Our sessions are very popular so if you are unable to attend a booked class please cancel online or notify us within 2 hours to ensure we can provide someone on our waitlist a spot in the class.

Pass Terms and Conditions

10 Class Pass

10 class passes have a 6 month expiry date from date of first visit, and 30 packs have a 12 month expiry, please note that these cannot be extended.

Weekly $34 unlimited membership

There is a short term of 4 weeks as a minimum and for the autopay but 2 must be provided to cancel your contract. Notice must be received before 5pm Monday to Friday (so excluding weekend and public holidays for it to be valid that day, otherwise it will be noted for the next day.

The term of the Unlimited autopay commences on the date that you purchase the membership or such other date as is agreed by Bikram Yoga Inner West.

This membership allows you unlimited regularly scheduled classes but excludes workshops or other special events. The membership continues to roll over until you email to cancel in writing to, SMS is not acceptable.

We do not accept responsibility for any extra fees and charges.

There is no setup fee the first time you set the autopay up, if you reset up the autopay more than one time there is a setup fee of $150 payable at the front desk.

You may hold the autopay for 4 weeks of holiday in any one year of fees.

Newcomer Sale 12 month unlimited

A one off fee for $1200, payable as a newcomer or during sale periods at the studio. Non refundable, non transferable and no suspensions and no sharing. All purchases are final.