For Newcomers

Grab you 14 Day Entry Pass – $39

New Student Offer

A warm welcome to all our newcomers!  Our intro offer is 39 for 14 days of unlimited access to our studio, come to any class!!

Jump online and on you ipad or phone, your device, download the app GLOFOX, from glofox locate the studio “my yoga inner west” then create your account, the intro pass is just there!

If you have been to the studio before then we have many great options with our weekly membership being the best and most popular option.

As a newcomer please dont panic, we welcome all newcomers and we are happy to assist you and ease you into your practise of heated yoga and hot pilates. Don’t eat too much before class and drink plenty of water so you arrive hydrated. Good advice it too place yourself towards the middle of the room and to listen and try to follow the instructions from the teacher, with all yoga practised be aware of your breath. Comfortable fitting yoga clothing is suitable, tights, leggings, shorts, and a singlet or bra top or a t-shirt, something you can move and stretch in. We get plenty of guys at our studio! You can wear shorts, t shirts singlets…. and everyone needs a yoga mat, a towel and a water bottle for class and all personal belongings are to be left out of the room. We do prefer you to bring your own reusable bottle to the studio so we can keep down use for plastics and be eco friendly. Glass is not permitted in the studio.

The Perfect Pass for Newcomers!

Our intro deal for newcomers is 14 days of unlimited access for $39!

You can buy this pass on the link below or through the glofox app. Download to your phone and you will locate the studio, create account and on the bottom slider is the newcomer pass and all the options for you to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book?

YES, you need to book for all classes now, during our covid times, its most important. This is the new way and the way it will stay.

Please download the app GLOFOX onto your device.  Locate our studio, create your account, and book your classes.

There are very fair cancellation policies and they need to be respected or memberships can be suspended.

Which class should I come too?

You can come to whichever class works best for you, there is no right answer here.  You may want to read through the class descriptions and decide from there….all of our instructors will help and be aware of newcomers, but really it does not matter!!!

What time should I get there?

Our studio opens 15 minutes before the class starts, as a newcomer please plan to arrive 15 mins before. If the door is closed the class is started and you are not permitted to enter.  Please respect the class and do not upset the vibe and teacher by knocking on the door!


What should I wear?

Comfortable, tighter fitting yoga or exercise clothes is best…. not too heavy on the material. Leggings, shorts, tights, bra tops, singlets, t shirts for the women and shorts. T shirt and singlet for the men.

Do I need my own yoga mat and towel?

You can bring your own mat and towel, due to covid we do not hire mats anymore, we do have towels for hire.

If you cannot bring your own we have mats for sale. We recommend mats are 4 or 6 mm thick, those heavy thick camping mats arent yoga mats!

How long does the class last?

Most classes are 55 or 60 minutes but we have a few 45 and 50 min classes, you can see the details on the booking app.

What to do before class?

Keep hydrated, its important to be drinking enough water when practising yoga or hiit pilates specifically heated yoga and pilates. Also make sure you haven’t just eaten a large meal before class (2 hours before). Otherwise just turn up and enjoy!

Do you have showers and lockers?

Yes we have cubbies for you to use, we lock the studio before the class starts, we have showers and toilets also for use.

38 a week unlimited!

Our most popular membership, 38 a week for unlimited access, as a newcomer no sign up fee and no lock in contract!